Why choose Maelor Forest Nurseries?

Maelor Forest Nurseries is a wholesale nursery producing bare root trees and shrubs suitable for commercial forestry, hedging and native woodland planting.

We are renowned for our onsite, purpose-built, laboratory and the quality of our genetic research to improve tree resilience and health that creates high quality timber producing trees and aids greater carbon capture.

All of the plants we supply are grown at Maelor throughout their life which reduces the risk of importing pests and diseases into the British landscape..

We are part of the UK’s largest forestry and timber business, BSW Group, and a member of binderholz – Europe’s leading timber processing operation. Together with our team of experts, we’re forging a fully integrated supply chain to unlock the full potential of timber and sustain long-term growth – for your business, our industry, and the planet.

Our Range of Trees

We have a wide range of trees, grown by ourselves from our own seed orchard. All our trees are fully traceable, from seed source to planting site. Due to the biosecurity risks involved, we do not import trees or purchase trees from UK nurseries that import. This removes the risk of cross-contamination of our trees. Please browse our range of current stock. We are happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

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