Trees are invaluable. They give us oxygen, remove and store carbon from our atmosphere and create vital habitats for wildlife.

So you’ve received your trees, what next?

All tree planting, including restocking, needs to be carried out safely and in a manner that maximises establishment, tree survival and growth.

These do’s and don’ts will help you to get your trees off to the best start, give them the best chance of survival and stay safe whilst doing so.


  • Wear appropriate protective clothing, including gloves and suitable footwear.
  • Use appropriate, well-maintained, fit for purpose, planting tools and planting bags.
  • Care should be taken when unloading and transporting the bags and plants.
  • Plant the trees vertically ensuring that you incorporate all roots so they develop a balanced rooting system.


  • Allow plant root systems to dry out which causes plant death.
  • Leave plants in bags exposed to sunlight which could lead to overheating, stress and death.
  • Overload planting bags potentially damaging the plants.
  • Throw full bags of plants to the ground when transporting or otherwise, causing damage.

Buying Trees

Maelor Forest Nurseries have a wide range of trees for sale in commercial quantities, grown by us from our own seed orchard.

All our trees are fully traceable, from seed source to planting site. Due to the biosecurity risks involved, we do not import trees or purchase trees from UK nurseries that import. This removes the risk of cross-contamination of our trees.

Contact us today to discuss your planting and tree requirements.

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